Wealth And The Kingdom of Heaven – Sermon by Bishop Greg Brady – Nov 23rd, 2018

Will a wealthy person get into Heaven? According to some people, the answer is no. But is there more to this than what we might think…? Let’s take a look. Many people refer to verses from the Books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke when condemning the wealthy to a life outside of Heaven’s pearly gates. A lot of the time the verse in question is the “camel through a needle’s eye”:

The Truth Behind Slavery – A Teaching from Imperial Regent Angelus Domini – August 16th, 2018

It may surprise you that the Bible speaks very highly of slavery (with the usual exception of Paul inventing his own religion) if the slavery is not abusive, and the Bible further indicates that all are slaves to the “Master in Heaven” (Colossians 4:1), but the Bible teaches that when one becomes a slave of the Lord, one’s burden becomes light… So don’t you think it’s time to throw off Satan’s shackles of slavery, and truly commit to doing the will of the Lord?

Don't Abuse Thy Husband/Wife - Sermon by Priestess Victoria Harr - Mar 22nd, 2018

Don’t Abuse Thy Husband/Wife – Sermon by Priestess Victoria Harr – Mar 22nd, 2018

How important is it to not only honor thy father and mother but honor thy husband? I have seen many posts from people in our congregation of very, very wicked ways that a woman these days treat their husbands. It is very hard to watch, especially someone who has a husband. I will admit I am not married on paper but I don’t need a piece of paper that tells me I love my husband. That happens to be a paper of ownership.