Mat Staader




Minister Mathew Staader has provided his volunteer service a few years now, and has been a wonderful addition to Sanctuary Interfaith. He climbed his way up to minister through his studies and works. He is now one of the amazing leaders that guides our Australian clergy in the service of the Lord.



He always has a way of understanding and effectively explaining things in a way that people can intelligently comprehend.
His passion and commitment can be seen in both his duties, work ethic, as well as his daily way of life. There really is so much to be said about Mat, but compressing it is very difficult.  Mat is reliable, thorough, and has an clever humor that we need during this these trying times. But most importantly he is committed to God’s plan.



From an early age, Mathew had an understanding that there was more to life than just what people knew about it. As he grew older this became a specific focus in regard to the general views of religious groups, and the claims made by them. At about age 15, he began doing research, and found that all of the events depicted in the book of Genesis in particular, had been recorded by earlier civilizations, but with a logical foundation. One example is the Babylonian account of the Great Flood, which makes logical sense and follows the laws of physics, as opposed to the fanciful interpretations that gave rise to the depiction of the event found in modern English bibles. It can also be said that many of the events that correlate to biblical accounts of interaction with Angels, Prophets being taken into Heaven, etc, also have correlating records in the Sumerian and other texts.