Christopher Satterwhite


Christopher Satterwhite





Christopher left the United states to embark on his journey and has been with Sanctuary Interfaith for almost 2 years now. Minister Satterwhite started out as deacon and it was through his studies, diligent work, and actions that he earned his way to being a highly regarded priest.


His background in public speaking has really enhanced his ministry services. Anyone who meets Christopher can clearly see and feel his passion toward serving the Lord. We are so honored to have him on board with us completing God’s work at Sanctuary Baja. His sacrifice and dedication for our interfaith mission is highly appreciated.


Chris grew up in the pulpit of Cedar Creek Baptist Church where his grandfather was a Pastor. As a child he was always in Church and Sunday school. This became the foundation for the rest of his life. Later he received a baseball scholarship for Brewton Parker College, which was a private Baptist college in Mount Vernon GA. While there he studied Theology and History in which Old & New Testament studies were required courses. After his first year at Brewton Parker College, his success at playing baseball opened up another door.


He transferred from Brewton Parker College to the University of Georgia. There he continued his studies in History, but also found an interest in Political Science and Physics. It was living in Athens Georgia that made him grow from a boy to a man. Juggling a fulltime job, a part time job, and a full class schedule matured him as an individual.


He always was searching for answers to the fundamental questions of life. During his studies, he stumbled upon the subjects of Ancient Alien Theory and Sumerian lore. This discovery became a catalyst for how he would live the rest of his life. During the 8 years he was in college, he gave many speeches on Ancient Alien Theory, Theology, and the hidden History of Humanity. He also wrote a paper entitled “The Patriot’s Manifesto”, which states the fundamental rights and privileges of mankind. This paper became a source of inspiration for many as a way to combat the growing inequality of American Society.


He has also been a musician (guitarist) for 23 years. He has also performed with a band while living in Athens GA.