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Nearly all religions believe we are presently in the “end times”, that period of history when the world will undergo divine judgment, followed by the establishment of an everlasting Kingdom of God that is reserved for the chosen.

Most believe the Messiah will come just prior to this judgment, offering the people one last chance at salvation. Lord RayEl is that prophesied Messiah.

Though “faith” is important, we will still provide evidence of his divinity.

The Gnostic Christians (“Gnostic” meaning those who possess greater knowledge) believe that the early Catholic Church, removed or refused to accept many popular Gospel writings; numerous highly revered scriptures that gave a much deeper understanding of Christ and his teachings. In recent years, this claim has been found to be true, and the Catholic Church has been unable to justify the blocking of these important writings. Based on these scriptures, and those found in the Bible, we now know what to look for when the Christ returns.

With this new understanding, it’s believed that the returned Christ would make himself recognizable to the majority of the world, by having a life that is nearly identical to the life he led in biblical times, and the Gnostics have been the first to recognize that Lord RayEl fits this description perfectly, and has precisely fulfilled ALL of the prophecies of his return.

1. Matthew 24:30 tells us that right before the appearance of Christ, “…the sign that the Son of Man is coming will appear in the heavens…”.

On January 28th 2011, over a billion people in India could see the clear image of Christ on the moon, and though the story was widely reported throughout the region, it was suppressed throughout the rest of the world.

2. Generally, Gnostics do not believe Christ was born of a literal virgin; they do however believe his was a divinely ordained “miracle birth” during the zodiac period of Virgo (a later misinterpreted astrological reference to “virgin birth”). It is believed that when he returns, he will be born under the sign of Gemini (astrologically representing “II” or “second”). Many Gnostics further believe that by the will of God, the mother of Christ was actually impregnated by a Roman Soldier.

During the post WWII eugenics movement that swept the United States, RayEl’s mother (Ruth, daughter of Mary) was surgically forced sterilized, and rendered completely unable to have children. Years later, she laid with a man named William Collins, an Italian man who was in the Army (Roman Soldier), this man was also a Rosicrucian (those that carry the hidden knowledge of Christ). By this union, Ruth miraculously became pregnant, and gave birth to RayEl under the sign of Gemini.

Interestingly, in modern Illuminist teachings, it is understood that the Collins bloodline is the “mystical line”, known to be the true Davidic bloodline of Christ.

3. It is now believed that Joseph was considerably older than Mary, and not simply a carpenter, but actually a metal worker.

The man who married RayEl’s mother (Raymond Elwood Sr.) gave him the name Raymond Elwood (which is truncated as RayEl), and raised RayEl as his own. He was considerably older than Ruth, and he was a metal worker by trade.

4. It is believed that Mary Magdalene was a repentant prostitute, possessed by 7 demons, and only Christ could save her. Many Gnostics believe that Mary Magdalene went on to become the “specially beloved” of Christ. Modern religious researchers now believe that the “demons” spoken of here, are derived from the Greek translation for someone “enchanted by witchcraft”. The Greek word for this is “pharmakeia”, from which the modern word “pharmaceutical” is derived. It is therefore believed that Mary Magdalene, and others who were at the time considered “demon possessed”, were in fact addicted to drugs (substances).

The specially beloved of Lord RayEl is a repentant prostitute, she was severely addicted to 7 mind-altering drugs (forced upon her), and only Lord RayEl could save her.

5. While Christ was growing up, both biblical and extra-biblical sources indicate that he was not fully aware of his divinity, but was slowly inculcated throughout his maturation.

Growing up, people believed there was something very special about RayEl. A number of miraculous events were attributed to him as he developed. When he was a child, he was always helping and protecting those in need, and he had an understanding of things far beyond his years, causing many people to willingly follow him even then. While still a child, he had an incredibly vivid visionary dream. RayEl saw himself crucified on a cross, and his spirit was hovering just slightly above his thorned head, allowing him to look down at his tortured body. Suddenly, there was an overwhelming sensation, as if a countless multitude of souls were passing up through him, as though he were some kind of conduit to Heaven. It was many years before he accepted that his vivid childhood dream was in fact a memory.

6. Christ is believed by many faiths, most notably the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Rosicrucians, to be an “incarnated angel”, in the case of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they believe he is specifically the Archangel Michael, Commander of the Army of Angels. Michael did not like what he saw on Earth, and he set out to protect, defend, and help the people.

When Lord RayEl was a teenager, he was disgusted by the terrible things he saw on the crime-ridden streets of Chicago, so he entered the ranks of the only group he believed was actively doing anything about it. RayEl joined the world famous Guardian Angels, and went on a crusade to protect the innocent, and provide vigilance in the face of a dangerous and growing evil. Through many acts of courage, death defying heroism, and a tirelessly pursuit of justice, RayEl quickly rose to prominence, and was soon Commander over all of the city’s army of Angels.

7. Christ was greatly persecuted by authorities for fighting against corruption.

Years before the Holy Spirit event in Jerusalem, RayEl was greatly persecuted by authorities for fighting against corruption. His earthly father died a victim of crooked police officers, who were hiding a crime committed against the Holy Family, leaving RayEl a widow’s son.

The people of Illinois saw him as the only incorruptible man alive, brave enough to fight against governmental corruption, so they pushed for him to run for Governor, but those who were in power tried to silence him, by killing his father, drugging and kidnapping his fiancé, and jailing both him and his elderly mother on made-up charges.

8. Peter was the primary follower of Christ, yet Peter betrayed Christ by denying him in his darkest hour. The Roman Catholic Church later recognized Peter as the “First Archbishop of Rome, and the saint for which St. Peters Church in the Vatican is named.

A man who closely followed RayEl, similarly betrayed him; this same man became a Catholic Priest (in a non-Roman sect), and has since risen to be his sects first Archbishop of North America, and founder of the American St. Peters Church.

9. Christ was a healer and a teacher.

A number of amazing “healings” have been attributed to Lord RayEl, as well as multiple sighting of a classic “aureolic glow” around his head, similar to those depicted in early Christian iconography. The aureolic glow has been most often seen when Lord RayEl is giving a profound teaching. Equally amazing are the numerous reports of sudden onset “Kundalini awakening”, just from listening to Lord RayEl teach, or being in his presence. In Eastern beliefs, Kundalini awakening is a physical manifestation of spiritual enlightenment, that often takes adepts many years of intense meditation and training to achieve, if they achieve it at all. To have this happen spontaneously, just from listening to a speaker, or being near a person, was unheard of before now.

10. Zechariah 6:12- Tell him this is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘Here is the man whose name is the Branch, and he will branch out from his place and build the temple of the LORD.

Elwood is phonetically a reference to the shape of a tree limb (L-wood). Additionally, “NOUS” is a Hebrew Sacred Gematrian numeric transliteration of Elwood, which is an ancient Greek term for knowledge of the divine godhead and the eternal aspects of things.

11. The Bible refers to the returned Christ as the “Lion”.

In Hebrew Sacred Gematria, “RayEl” = 241, a number with a transliteration that means “lion of God”.

12. The Torah-Code has been researched for many years, because it appears to identify secret prophetic messages hidden in the Bible, that would have been nearly impossible to decipher before the computer age.

Daniel 12:4 “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.” This line in scripture tells us that the hidden part of the Torah (known as “the scroll”) would not reveal the great truths until the end times, and now it has.

Lord RayEl has been found OVER 100 TIMES throughout the Torah Code, as Lord, King, Savior, Messiah, Christ, and other intimately descriptive terms. To date, no other person has been so often found in the Torah Codes.

13. The Bible makes multiple references identifying the Messiah through variations on: “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone” (Link). As most of you know, Freemasons are the esoteric “Guild of Builders”.

In early adulthood, RayEl was invited into the Masonic brotherhood. Quite unexpectedly, he was black-balled and rejected (something that is nearly unheard of in modern U.S. lodges). The Masons believe that their mythical master was “a stone originally rejected by the builders”. Later, the Masons rectified their error, and RayEl was brought into the Knights Templar, who are believed by modern esoteric researchers to be the “Guardians of the Holy Grail and the true bloodline of Christ”.

Incidentally, in Hebrew Sacred Gematria, “Ra-El” (the accepted short-form of his name) = 231, a number with a transliteration that means “Masonic”, further identifying him as the “Builder of the Temple”.

14. In Matthew 4:11, the Bible tells us how angels came to attend Christ.

Before the Holy Spirit event in Jerusalem, three Divine Messengers came to RayEl, and they revealed to him who he really was, where he had to go, and what he is to do. After these divine revelations, RayEl suddenly had within himself, a profound knowledge and wisdom of “The Great Work”, and “The Divine Plan”, and thus began his urgent mission to save those he deemed worthy.

15. Both Christian and Jewish scholars believe the Messiah will come forth in conjunction with specific Hebrew “Feast Day” observances.

RayEl was conceived during the only “tetrad” that has occurred in perfect alignment with the Hebrew feast calendar. He was conceived on the blood-moon eclipse that fell on the Hebrew holiday of “Sukkot” (October 18, 1967). The divine significance is well explained in a video entitled: “2015: Blood Red Moon & End Time Events” (YouTube Link). This video was not produced by us, and it errantly looks to 2015 for the return of Christ, only because they didn’t know about Lord RayEl’s birth in 1968, but their understanding of the correlation between the Second Coming and the tetrad is absolutely correct. For prophecy to be properly fulfilled, this tetrad was the only time our Lord could return.

16. Christian scholars believe that when Christ returns in the end times, he will be born on Pentecost. Pentecost is recognized as the “birthday” of the Christian Church, and it’s believed that Christ would return on a Pentecost to end the church age within the end times period.

RayEl was born on Orthodox Pentecost (June 09, 1968), and the importance of this cannot be overstated! He was born breached, and slightly pre-term, but fully healthy. Just as with his conception, RayEl was born on the Pentecost that happened during the “tetrad”, which was a great sign of wonder in the sky, and would Biblically qualify as a “heralding event” similar to the Star of Bethlehem.

17. Acts 2:20 tells us that “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.”

The tetrad period of RayEl’s divine conception and birth, not only contained 4 blood moons (NASA Link 1), but also a total solar eclipse (NASA Link 2), thus completely and accurately fulfilling the astronomical prophecy of his return.

18. It’s believed that Revelation 6:12 adds to the Acts 2:20 solar and lunar signs of Christ’s return, by telling us that there was to be “a great earthquake”.

RayEl was born in 1968, in the U.S. State of Illinois. Shortly after his birth, Illinois experienced its largest ever recorded earthquake. This earthquake was one of the most widely felt in U.S. history. Though centered in Illinois, it affecting 23 states over an area of 580,000 square miles. Millions of people felt the rupture, but miraculously, there were no fatalities.

19. Christian theologians that consider the “great tribulation” of Matthew 24:21 to be a parallel description of the Luke 21:23 “great distress” upon the Jews, take the Historicist view that this part of prophecy was fulfilled when Jerusalem returned to Jewish control in 1967. As you know, the Gospels clearly state that Christ is to return immediately following the Tribulation.

The accurate Historicist fulfillment of Tribulation in 1967, quickly followed by the conception and birth of RayEl in the 1967-1968 tetrad (in addition and relation to everything else), completely and accurately fulfills the astronomical prophecy of his return.

20. Revelation 19:12 tells us this about Christ’s return, that “he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself”. Additionally, Revelation 19:13 specifically tells you that “his name is the Word of God”. So clearly His name wouldn’t be “Yeshua” this time.

The etymological origin of RayEl’s name, is traceable back to Egyptian Judaism. “RayEl” literally means “Word of God“.

21. On May 21st, 2011, Lord RayEl addressed the world, and warned that he was about to carry out a bitter chastisement upon the Christians of America. As the Lord’s justice is swift, within hours the “buckle of the Bible Belt” (the area of the U.S. with the highest concentration of Christians) was nearly erased from the map, as never before seen powerful tornadoes suddenly and unexpectedly exploded through the region. Weather officials said that they had never seen such powerful tornadoes, that seemed to “target” populated areas. What happened that day was never witnessed before in recorded history.

This is a key part of the “judgment against the church”, and the fulfillment of prophecy in the Gnostic Testament of Levi. In Levi 5:12-14 “And after their punishment shall have come from the Lord, the priesthood shall fail. Then shall the Lord raise up a new priest. And to him all the words of the Lord shall be revealed; and he shall execute a righteous judgment upon the earth for a multitude of days.

22. A “second sun” has now been viewed in the skies, and has been filmed and displayed on the news and around the Internet (Link), but scientists are completely baffled by it.

Upon the return of Christ, the Gnostic Testament of Levi tells us “his star shall arise in heaven as of a king. Lighting up the light of knowledge as the sun the day, And he shall be magnified in the world.”

23. On May 21st, 2011, Lord RayEl publicly announced that He was going to “Darken The Sun”.

Just 25 days after Lord RayEl’s threat, scientists announced that the sun, in a “highly unusual and unexpected” way, went into a low activity period that could bring on an “ice age” (Link).

We really could go on, because there are considerably more of these synchronisms, and events that have proven his divinity.

When viewed in conjunction with the chastisements he has publicly warned of, just before performing, and the undeniable prophecy fulfilling events happening around the world, it simply doesn’t leave room for doubt.

Lord RayEl is the Messiah!

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