Kelly Patrick







Minister Kelly Patrick has been in service as a follower of the Lord for several years. She joined Sanctuary almost 2 years ago, and now Kelly heads the Sanctuary Mexico Mission.


It was Spring two years ago when she planned to embark on her journey to Baja CA/MX to meet up with fellow clergy members Selena Scott and Clark Isaac, both of whom would be arriving around the same time to help form the Sanctuary Interfaith Mission of Mexico. She sold all that she owned, left her self-owned landscaping business, and used it to travel and apply towards the preliminary needs for the whole. Her primary goal at that time was to ensure that there was unity amongst the flock, this applied not only to clergy, but to the followers and volunteers as well.


Upon arrival, everyone was scattered in different locations throughout Rosarito, Baja California, surviving off of very limited funds. At that time she felt obligated to locate a building that could be used for both service and communal living for the whole. The group held the same vision of carving a better way of life, and it would be a path where they could use their time to break society’s shackles, and focus upon service to the Lord.


Kelly is one the primary leads that oversees the disbursement of funds to ensure that all needs are met, these include expenses such as rent, utilities, food, fuel and any other basic needs. She spends her time managing, overseeing, organizing, planning and coordinated missions, events, house needs, seminars and much more. She has trained, guided, and refined the other clergy at Sanctuary to mature to their fullest potential in leadership, public speaking and ministry.


Sanctuary offers a sober environment of unity, discipleship, equality, and the adherence to the basic commandment of “Love God and Love Each Other.” This is another aspect of Sanctuary that Kelly implements and guards closely.


At a very early age, Kelly was groomed to understand the ways of the Lord and God the Father, primarily through scripture, but she always felt God’s presence. She knew that there was more to it all and that there was a greater purpose. It was her family’s hope that she would become a missionary at age 18, but she had a different plan, she wanted to learn more about the entire spectrum of life’s opportunities, and she preferred to connect with the contrasts found between the multitude of religious beliefs, and different walks of life. It was through that will that she was able to identify with everyone and view the similarities versus the differences. She used that fundamental perspective to discover how all life is interconnected and intertwined. She had set her eyes toward unity.


During this time she found various ways to support herself through her work in telecommunications, aviation, and later the mortgage industry. Of course those lines of work did not feed her soul, and she knew in her 40’s that life was no longer about being a provider. She reached a stage where she would put full commitment to God and would honor an even truer purpose. She came to learn that all persons, great or small, are molded by life’s hardships and it is how we grow from these experiences that define us all.


Kelly now finds it a tremendous blessing to share in the ways of Lord with the others at Sanctuary. She has stated that is it more than an experience, but a way of life that only gets better each day, as the foundations are strengthened through our mutual spiritually maturation. This is only the beginning. This is the preliminary training ground where we become readied, as we prepare our walk with the Lord.