Man Predicts World War 3 to Start Next Week, Does It Line Up With Other End-Time Prophecies?

n a few days, the world will witness the beginning of World War 3, according to a self-proclaimed “messenger of God,” but how does his prediction line up with other end-time prophecies?
Horacio Villegas, a Roman Catholic, said the war will start on May 13, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the apparition of the Lady of Fatima in Portugal. He also foretold when the war will end: October 13.


KIM’S NUKE NAVY Satellite images ‘show North Korea is poised to test submarine missiles capable of hitting the US’ – hours after Kim Jong-un warned of nuke test ‘at any minute’

SATELLITE images show that North Korea is preparing to trial a deadly new arsenal of submarines which could be capable of launching nuclear missiles towards the US.

The pictures show a new barge in the Nampo Naval shipyard in the west of the secretive state similar to another in the east of the country which has been involved in recent rocket tests.