‘Nemesis’, the evil twin of the sun accused of causing destruction on Earth, DOES exist: First study finds proof and reveals all stars are born in pairs

It’s long been suspected that our sun has an evil twin called ‘Nemesis’ – a dwarf star guilty of hurling objects from the outer solar system towards Earth.

Scientists even believe that the sun’s missing sibling kicked an asteroid into Earth’s orbit that collided with our planet and killed the dinosaurs.


40 million just informed of Planet X / Nibiru 2017 arrival

I have a Google Alert on my personal email–and I just got one today that’s really quite interesting. The title of the article: Planet X/Nibiru: Researcher Claims New ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ Doomsday Will Occur In 2017 — ‘Authorities Keeping Public In The Dark’
What makes this article very interesting is its source and the extent of its worldwide distribution. Here’s a brief description of the source:


How the Mysterious Planet 9 is Tilting Our Solar System

Is the sun actually tilted…or is it just us? DNews dives into this space mystery by taking a closer look at the effects of Planet 9.
One of the enduring mysteries of space science is the matter of our tilting sun. For decades now, scientists have known that the sun’s spin axis is about six degrees off-vertical – but no one knew why. Until now. Newly published research appears to have finally solved the enigma, as space science producer Ian O’Neill explains in today’s DNews dispatch.