Eric Logan






Eric Logan has been with Sanctuary for almost 2 years now. He started as a Deacon and worked his way up to Minister. Eric Logan has a way from speaking from the heart so that you feel how very real and true his words are. The message is always received. He knows what it means to forgive and emanate peace. He knows how to take raw learning opportunity and grow from it in effort to be an example to others.


We do enjoy his humor to get us through tough times. He defiantly plays the role of court jester better than any of us. His presence at Sanctuary brings us all great joy and balance. We are most honored to have Eric Logan at Sanctuary.





I was raised by every segment of my family to turn my attention to the teachings bestowed by God. I’ve been studying scripture my entire life, though it would be a lie to say I always honored what was learned. It would be true to say that I learned quickly from mistakes. I’ve learned a great deal about the challenges we all face as we are tempered into something worth having in God’s presence, and my hope is that these lessons are useful to others as well. I’ve always had a special appreciation for the words of Christ Yeshua, but more specifically because of the mind behind them. I think people too easily forget just what it meant that he walked the earth as a man, that he was in fact a person. In other words, I think it is vital that we not forget to love the reality of him as much as the idea of him.


The teachings of Yeshua have always been a beacon for me, often at the back of my mind as a standard to hold to. Much of it falls under common decency that should not be dependent on religion, but on humanity. There is more though, insight in his words which we might not otherwise have. The spirit of his words caused me to question everything that comes with contemporary dogma. People tend to over-complicate the simple, and simplify the intricate. I needed to seek the truth without bias, so I expanded my studies to include the perspectives of the three Abrahamic faiths, and some beyond that. Noting contingencies and key differences, I moved on to where my own interests lay, within the walk of Christ Yeshua.


Prayer was a major point for my own path. I often felt disappointed by the prayers of various churches attended. I left behind any respect for cookie-cutter prayers devoid of humanity and spirit when I realized what was clearly spoken by Christ in his teachings. When I spoke to God, especially in Christ’s own name, it would be sincere as any dialogue should be in a cherished relationship. Speaking is only half of a conversation, however, so I sought to understand meditation as a means of silencing my mind and stilling my heart to listen. For a time I grew distant from organized congregations because I felt God’s presence much more fully in the wilderness, away from noise. This interest in God’s presence in nature led me further on the path which our Father has lit to make me useful somehow.


I specifically sought to better understand the deeper sciences of the nature of things. The very structured order of Creation is in fact the Maker’s Mark, so I do not for one moment believe that science and miracle are separate. Ask any doctor if understanding reproduction’s science makes childbirth any less of a miracle. If miracles were “magic,” chaotic, they would be cheap cheats against Creation, but they are not. I learned much about the anatomy of some miracles, and found a deeper appreciation for the wisdom and restraint that Christ exhibited, having glimpsed more of the potential given to him by the Most High.


Another aspect of scripture which I’ve felt guided to has been prophecy. I’ve been studying it as a part of my faith from the beginning, but my interest was inflamed as I watched the world act it out. I’ve learned more in the past two years than ever before, as new insights became abundantly clear to me. As I continue to watch important events take place, as dominoes fall in God’s plan, I feel blessed to have been made alert as we were commanded to be. I would hope I can serve to instill the same sense of urgency in those I speak to.


As we see division and strife guiding the hearts of so many, I hope the lessons I’ve found serve to build bridges to a more peaceful world, one that unanimously honors the spirit of the Law, the Law of Love, regardless of minor differences.