Samantha Kennedy




Samantha Kennedy started volunteering her time to us around January 2014. It was then through her studies that she worked her way up and became a Deaconess. Ms. Kennedy is now a Minister and wonderful leader among leaders within the International Sanctuary Interfaith mission of the U.K. She has a unique, bold yet loving, approach to her sermon technique. Her performance displays a natural understanding and ability to interact with others who are of various faiths and diversities. She is a rare and wonderful gift to our staff.


Samantha’s religious background began through her experience as a Sunday school teacher for the ages of 2, and years 5-8 with the Mormon Church. She excelled in this position as she is naturally adept in her ability to teach in a method that everyone, including children, could understand. Every child enjoyed themselves and got involved with her projects.


The scriptures have always been a strong influence in her life and she has enjoyed teaching others and guiding them. She has also been intuitive and spiritually attuned since childhood. Some have even regarded her as a prophet. Due to Samantha’s gift, she has been able to cultivate an ability through past medium-ship on the circuit and brought comfort to the bereaved. Samantha also has extensive experience in house blessings and can offer assistance in that field. Ms. Kennedy utilizes her honed spiritual and energy healing techniques to help others improve their overall wellness. Samantha also works very well with bereavement counselling and is very emphatic toward others. Her specialties also lie in endtimes prophecies, and she will gladly provide lectures for your bible study group or within your churches.