Corey DeFrancesco




Minister Corey DeFrancesco joined with Sanctuary Interfaith around late July of 2014 as a volunteer for the Mission in Baja Ca/MX. He then worked his way up through his studies as a Deacon, and then finally in most recent history as Minister.  Since his arrival, he has put forth his skills in computer expertise. He has mainly focused on information gathering, computer repair, website design, data archiving, video editing, and video subtitling. He has also assisted with any technical issues the Sanctuary Team encounters and does his best to make sure everyone is technologically satisfied.  We would be lost with Corey’s wonderful support and work. He ethic is beyond most, and we are so very grateful for this. We have greatly enjoyed having Corey Defrancesco among us in the Sanctuary Mission and look forward to many more years with him!



Originally hailing from Connecticut, making the trek down to Baja California at first thought seemed like quite the daunting task for him. The farthest he had ever traveled was a few states southward, so taking a plane across the entire USA was quite the experience. However, once he arrived he went straight to work and began helping in any way that he could.


Having endorsed a holistic approach to life, Corey has always had an eye and a mindfulness for healthful eating. He has a great love for nature and thoroughly despises big industry, cities, money, and corporations. He has been with us here at Sanctuary for just over a year and a half now, and provided financial support to the Sanctuary team when he was able to do so.