ERUPTION WARNING: North Korean supervolcano could blow and cause WORLDWIDE devastation

The deadly Mount Paektu, which straddles the borders of North Korea and China, is responsible for one of the deadliest eruptions in human history, and scientists fear that it could blow again.

Nearby nuclear weapons testing from the Kim Jong-un regime could trigger an eruption as rumblings could upset lava beneath the surface, scientists have previously stated.


Macquarie Island researchers get shake-up call from undersea earthquake

GeoScience Australia reported a magnitude-6.3 earthquake occurred about 20 kilometres from the island at 7:46am AEST.

Australian Antarctic Division’s Macquarie Island station leader Esther Rodewald said it was very noticeable.

“Good side-to-side shake, although I was in one of the earthquake-resistant buildings, so I may have felt it less than others,” she said.


Flash floods swamp southern Arizona

PHOENIX — Monsoon storms in Arizona hit the Valley hard on Tuesday, causing flash flooding and water rescues, CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO reported.

An elderly woman was rescued from her car, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. There was another water rescue in which police officers pushed a woman’s vehicle off the road after it died in a flooded section of the road, police said.