Joseph Monte



Minister Joe Monte has been with Sanctuary for almost 2 years now.  He is currently serving in as our lead representative in Israel. He specializes in End Times prophecy, guest sermons, lectures, and seminars.


Joseph has always been the dependable “can do it “type of person.  We live in a day and age where is is very difficult to find naturally reliable people.  He Keeps his priorities high and perseveres. We appreciate both his professionalism and consistent reliability.  Mr. Monte has proven to be yet another naturally well-spoken public speaker beholding vast knowledge.  He has an aptitude that is quite high and is able to communicate all the inner makings to each topic presented so that you have a clear understanding. We are so blessed and honored to have such a fine brother in Christ among us.



Minster Monte says his spiritual journey began at an early age. Born and raised in the shadow of Washington, D.C., in the Northern Virginia suburbs, his father would take him to church, and advocated for his involvement in youth ministries and bible study groups, instilling in him a high moral and ethical character. His father also spent time in the ministry, teaching specialized courses in bible interpretation, which is where Joe’s understanding of prophecy began. His mother was a spiritualist, and practiced meditation techniques derived from Eastern Philosophy. She helped to further Joe’s sense of discipline, while balancing that with the freedom of thought necessary for growth in God’s infinite wisdom.


Joe has always had an avid appreciation for nature and the outdoors. From an early age, he took a first interest in weather phenomena, and is self-taught in thermodynamics. He says this is how he best feels and understands the ways of God. “I felt such a powerful connection from early on. All I ever wanted is to be one with Him”. It was his insight on weather phenomena which would eventually lead him to see the signs of the End of Days. “Since about 2010/2011, I knew something was terribly wrong”, he says. “It was like the flip of a light switch. As far as the disasters are concerned, this is all the work of intelligence beyond our grasp, and if we look in our bibles, we find answers.”


Before entering the ministry, Joe was playing golf professionally. His father introduced him to the game at the age of 3, and is admittedly a member of the ‘Tiger Woods generation’. Before entering high school, he began a professional training regimen, a life walk which taught him discipline, honor, etiquette, and many positive traits coming with maturity. “It was a game that taught me about life. I had the pleasure of working with some of the best coaches and mentors out there. My parents were extremely supportive, and gave me what I needed to succeed. The values I learned are irreplaceable.” He accepted a scholarship to play for Georgia Southern Univ., turned professional after school, and attempted to earn his PGA Tour card in both America and Asia.


Through his trials and tribulations during his golf career, Joe still felt something was missing. “I always knew that what I had a higher calling. I thought I would be using my athletic talents to fulfill the yearning, but God had a different plan”. He did find that calling, in the arms of his family at Sanctuary Interfaith. In 2014 he joined Sanctuary Interfaith so he could be a light to the Word of God. He has become skilled in many biblical and extra-biblical topics, acting as a mediator to bridge the gaps in our understanding of faith. He serves the community best through bringing a practical understanding of scripture, and how it all ties together with the reality we experience. During his time with us, he has learned the deeper truths of the sacred texts, and has made great strides to share with all faiths how we are all connected through the oneness of God. He has a strong diction in prophecy, and how the words of the prophets are fulfilled in these times.


Joe is currently serving in as our lead representative in Israel. He specializes in End Times prophecy, and is available for guest sermons, lectures, and seminars.