Mark Mclean




Minister Mark Mclean initially joined Sanctuary Interfaith as a deacon willing to serve. Since then, he has committed all that he has in order to spread the Lord’s word and his vision. He has consistently assisted and lead others through being such a fine example in his every day duties. Mark is now a Minister and joined the ranks of the International Sanctuary Interfaith mission. We are so very thankful to have such a wonderful person within our Ministry. Mr. Mclean is a fine soul that anyone can count on!



Mark was born in Durban, South Africa in 1986. His upbringing was not religious until he started secondary school. It was there that a friend had invited him to attend weekly meetings held by the district nuns. Unfortunately, the only memory that stays with him to this day is in regards to confession. At a very young age he always pondered why children had to confess, and never understood why. After all his only confessions consisted of climbing trees when instructed not to, and staying up late. Due to his lack of confessional material, he would instead confess the elder children’s sins. Looking back on this, though, he realizes that it was nothing to write home about. This always bothered him and still does to this very day. As for his current path, he would summarize it as asking G-d to be a guide in his life. Disillusionment paired with humanity led Mark to search for truths in his life. He journeyed though his studies in Biblical and Eastern practices. As with many, slowly his eyes opened and his heart cried. It was at this point he called out aloud for some direction, and the very next day he found the Lord. Diligently he studied for 2 years before joining the calling, and thus began the real work. As with all his brothers and sisters his learning still continues.