Donnie Chong




You can visit his Personal Fitness YouTube channel here.



Donnie Chong lives in Asia in a country called Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, he is a Malaysian.  He is Chinese and comes from a Buddhist family background. But he considers himself and his family as free thinker as they don’t pray or chant like what his Buddhist grandparents are doing everyday which is praying to Buddha God. Another reason for him to have become a free thinker is that he believes that there is a beauty in every religion in this world that we should not ignore. When he was at 20 years old, a sudden feeling struck his mind and awakened him from the illusion of the world. He started watching conspiracy theory series hosted by Jessie Ventura. He became curious about the hidden secrets of the world.


Minister Chong believes that there is more going on than what we have been told by the government. He investigated deeper and deeper into the conspiracy of the world. Next, and became very interested in extra-terrestrial life. Thus, he started watching ancient alien documentary series to find out more knowledge about the existence of alien on our earth.


At that time, he discovered more and more about what the world’s leaders, governments, media, space agencies etc are suppressing as a part of world control of the masses.   Coming from a Buddhist family, the mindset of the family is that they have to abide by the teaching of Buddhist Monk and learn the virtues that has been passed down by his Great Chinese ancestors. So you can see how hard it is for a typical Chinese family in his country, Malaysia to think outside the box. The reason why he can believe in teachings of the Lord is because he was a free thinker/ atheist before and he did not believe in any particular religion’s God until he discovered the Lord in his life. The main reason that he has faith in the Lord is because of the irrefutable evidence/proof of him. Since then, he has been following the Lord for 4 years now.


Donnie Chong has been serving Christ for the past 4 years has been making videos to spread the fulfillment prophecy/ End times message/ Torah Code/ Evidence & Proof of the Lord’s existence.


Aside from spreading the message of Lord, he is also a Fitness coach.  He loves to spread a healthy active lifestyle message to people and encourage them to lead a healthier and active life.  He has always been very interested in helping people to exercise more and eat right with healthy food.


Personally, he is a vegetarian. Aside from health reasons, the main reason for me becoming a vegetarian is that he believes all animal deserve to live equally just like human beings on this planet. Therefore, he also loves helping to spread the message to people regarding on the benefit of becoming a vegetarian.


We are most blessed and honoured to have Minister Donnie Chong on board serving God within our services during these years. He has been a wonderful support and beholds a great Love for the Lord that shines through.