Ancient Truth

Delve into the untold realms as we uncover, disclose, and reveal ancient truths from the distant past, from the creation of our planets until the modern era. Explore with us as we uncover what lay hidden from extinct civilizations, cryptic artifacts, iconic symbolisms, and much much more!

The Sumerian Hymn to Enlil

“ Enlil’s commands are by far the loftiest, his words are holy, his utterances are immutable! The fate he decides is everlasting, his glance makes the mountains anxious, his … reaches into the interior of the mountains. All the gods of the earth bow down to father Enlil, who sits comfortably on the holy dais, the lofty engur, to Nunamnir, whose lordship and princeship are most perfect. The Anunnaki enter before him and obey his instructions faithfully. ”


The Sumerian Story – Genesis to Revelations

Enki, though brilliant, was a spoiled child, jealous of his brother Enlil, and wanting a kingdom of his own. When Nibiru was faced with the crisis of loss of atmosphere, and the Anunnaki decided to mine gold here to re-seed their atmosphere, Enki saw it as an opportunity to grab power. Enki fomented a worker revolt, knowing that he could use Nibiru’s emergency to force the Council to accept anything.


From Prince Enlil to Lord RayEl

One thing you may not know is that Prince Enlil, who is heir to the Anunnaki Throne, is also Yeshua. He also goes by other names too which will be explained at a later time. Did you know that it was Prince Enlil who created the huge platforms in Israel and the take off platforms at BaalBek Temple in Lebanon? He also constructed the temple Mount Platform in Jerusalem…. and if you have ever been there, you would note that the same core of huge monoliths are used to create the base. The shear weight of each huge monolith block.


Egyptian God Horus & The Lord RayEl Connection

Horus is one of the most significant deities in the ancient Egyptian religion who was worshiped from at least 3100 BC through the Greek-Roman era. There are different forms of Horus that have been recorded in history and these are treated as distinct gods of Egypt. These forms may be the same multi-layered God in which certain attributes or relationships are expressed. He was most often depicted as a falcon, peregrine or as a man with a falcon head.